During the manufacturing process, condom samples are drawn from each batch by statistical sampling plans to be tested in the Quality Control Laboratory in accordance with Norm EN ISO 4074 – NATURAL RUBBER LATEX CONDOMS.

This Norm specifies the technical specifications that the condoms have to fulfil to guarantee the quality of the product.

Test Methods:

· Dimensions: Length and width.

· Tensile Properties:

Test piece of condom is cut and placed in the tensile testing machine. The test piece is stretched until it breaks.

The Force (Newton’s) and Elongation (%) at point of breakage of the test piece are measured and registered.

· Bursting volume and pressure test:

A specified length of the condom is inflated with air, and volume (dm3) and pressure (kPa) at constant speed  required to burst the condom are recorded.

· Freedom from Holes Water Electronic Test:

The condoms are screened electrically to detect holes. The condom is filled with water and is submerged in water where an electrical current is applied. A condom which has no hole acts as an insulator and allows no current to flow in an electrical circuit.

· Color Fastness:

The colored condoms are tested to assess that there is not pigmentation loss.

· Packaging and labelling:

The individual container and consumer pack are tested to ensure they fulfil the current Norm specifications.